Psychiatric Help For Those Who Seriously Need It

If you sense that someone is in trouble, please try and help that person. One of the frailties of human nature is that out of a sense of loss or helplessness men and women, both young and old, tend to say no to those who might unexpectedly plead for help. Because they are blindsided so quickly, they are taken by surprise and do not know how to react. Even so men and women do feel guilty.

And that at least is a good thing. Because at the end of the day, they are going to be thinking long and hard about why they rejected that person who asked them for help. And slowly but surely, they discover ways in which they can help that person. Take one of the most serious calls for help. It is like this. Whether she phones you in the middle of the night or he shouts down from the fifth floor, the threat is made.

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He or she wishes to jump. That in itself brings a shock to the system. City psychiatric services colorado springs therapists receive so many of these calls every year. While the fact that someone is threatening to take his or her own life is distressing, the fact remains that these calls are a good thing. Because someone out there took time out to make the call to those who are best placed to help. And it is like this.

In an emergency situation, the person who made that call quickly receives advice on how to handle the situation. And so it goes that he or she is able to save a life. And the process begins whereby the distressed person is now able to receive help from qualified sources.