Don’t Deny Yourself Disability Benefits

If you are disabled you may think that applying for disability isn’t right for your needs and avoid this process. Some people do not apply for disability because they feel that they’ll be denied or because they’re unsure how to go about filing or have other reasons they choose not to file. Do not be amongst these people. If you’ve been injured or permanently disabled, SSI disability is there to help.

It’s true that many applicants are denied for disability when they apply. The SSA receives thousands of applicants for disability every single year and nearly 45% of those are denied. Oftentimes the denial is simply related to insufficient proof of the disability. Iowa disability lawyers can help file an appeal in such a case. Or, you can consult with an attorney from the start and reduce risks that your application will be denied or that other hardships will come your way.

When you are disabled, life changes in so many ways and takes a whole new turn and for most people, it’s not for the better. You cannot work but the bills are piling up. You’re stuck in the house and cannot live life the way that you want. Why make things even worse on yourself when disability is there to make things a little bit easier?  Applying for social security benefits may seem scary at first, but all new things are.  Don’t let this stop you from applying for benefits.

Iowa disability lawyers

Remember, the lawyer is available to assist in the entire application process. Disability lawyers understand how social security benefits work and they make sure all the proof needed to win your case is provided the first time around. If your application is denied, they’ll appeal and help get the money that you need.