Is Divorce Really So Bad?

When a couple marries, they do so with plans to be together until ‘death do they part.’ Sadly, many couples find that time wasn’t as long as they planned and they’re ready to call it quits after a few short years together. More than half of all marriages will end in divorce, according to the A.P.A. And while most people see divorce as a tragic event, it’s time to really ponder if it’s such a bad thing. Maybe divorce is actually a step toward a better, more fulfilling and enjoyable future.

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Couples who are happy together aren’t headed into divorce court. So there are obvious signs that the marriage is in trouble. Sure, you want to give it a go at working things out. You made that commitment after all. But sometimes all the hopes, prayers, and marriage counseling in the world doesn’t help. If you’re unhappy, life loses its meaning quickly and you lose purpose. Why continue forth in life with something that doesn’t make you smile if you’ve used various treatments to no avail? Life is far too short for that type of scenario to play out in your life.

Talk to a divorce lawyer Lake Bluff IL to learn more about divorce if you are ready to dissolve the marriage and regain your happiness.  It doesn’t cost a penny to consult with a lawyer. Don’t stay together for the kids or because you think that’s what other people want. Don’t stay together because it is the right thing to do or because you hope things will soon get better. Sometimes marriages just don’t work and you must be willing to accept this piece of information.   Divorce isn’t always a bad thing. It’s all about your perception of life.