Understanding How You Can Lose Teeth

Most people think of others who lose their teeth and assume they must have done something very wrong. Perhaps your friend told you about how they had to get dental implants louisville and you were so shocked about what they were saying. You could never have imagined someone who is in their 30s would have to get a fake tooth because one or their came out.

Perhaps you would think it can only happen as a result of an accident. But it is not the case. It is not always due to accidents or very bad habits, such as drug consumption or cigarette smoking. It can even happen as a result of neglect, and that is the one thing you are going to want to avoid.

That is what happens when you are not brushing your teeth each day, multiple times a day, and when you do not floss regularly. If you talk to a dentist they will admit that a vast majority of people who get dental implants are not unhealthy people. They take decent care of themselves and are in robust health. But they could be neglecting their teeth a little bit. And sometimes that is all it takes.

If gum disease or a cavity or a specific infection happens and it is damaging a tooth, it may have to come out. Then you are in a position where you have to worry about that tooth causing damage to the other teeth. Your dentist will recommend getting it removed as soon as possible.

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While implants are a lot better than they were in the past, it is still not the same as having a real tooth. It is also a lot of money you are spending, which can be avoided. It can be avoided by having good dental habits and taking care of your teeth.