Should You Choose Dentures or Implants?

There is nothing nice about realizing that you are about to lose a tooth. It may have been something that was bothering you for a while. Perhaps it was causing you a lot of pain for a few weeks, but you knew it was getting looser. You let it fall out on its own and now it is about to come off.

The question you will be asking is what are your options for a replacement. If this is the first time you have lost a tooth it is good news. It means you are likely in decent oral health and your gums should be in good shape. It is just a matter of seeing if the nearby teeth are healthy and then assessing the replacement options.

The two main options include implants and dentures near me covina. You will be thinking long and hard about both these options, as you have likely heard good things about both. It makes sense that you would want to go for either one of them. We believe that you are going to get good results out of both dental implants and a partial denture.

The most significant difference is longevity. Dental implants are set in a way that puts them deep into your gums, much like the roots of your teeth. So you are just not getting something attached to the nearby teeth, but in your gums. It is a long term investment and should remain in place for a very long time.

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Dentures can look as good if you have a quality dentist. The issue is while they are more affordable, they will likely need to be replaced within a decade. It is the reality with dentures. Those who want something long term should go with implants, but if you are on a budget then dentures will make you happy too.