What You Need for Personal Injury Help

When you have been hurt in an accident due to the carelessness of another and it is not your fault in any way, it takes a big toll on your life. Not only do you rack up medical bills, you also deal with pain and suffering, missed work, social and family issues, and even emotional stress. You deserve full compensation for these damages.

Getting Help

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The first thing you need to do after the accident is get medical attention, that is for sure. Next, you need to call an attorney like the lawfather in tampa florida for the help you need. This will be a personal injury lawyer with some real experience to help you stand up for your rights.

You see, there are personal injury laws in the state and they protect you. It is just important that you take action right away. You should at least go into a law office to get a free consultation at the very least and not accept the insurance settlement that is offered when you could get so much more.

Avoiding the Insurance Settlement

When the insurance company of the offending party offers you a settlement, you might think that all is said and done. After all, they are offering you money now. Wait a minute and contact a personal injury attorney right away. See if the settlement that has been offered is worth taking.

In many cases, that settlement will only cover some of your medical bills and it will not take ongoing care or other factors into account. It is the bare minimum that they can get away with paying and that is not a good thing for you.

A Better Solution

You need the help of a good attorney who will stand up to the insurance company and make them pay you what you are truly owed for all the damages.