Will It Hurt to Lose My Wisdom Teeth?

When you go to your dentist regularly, you will always be worried about the dentist saying you need a more extensive procedure. You will be hoping a regular cleaning and perhaps a whitening is all you will need. Most of the time, it is all they are going to say. But the truth is that sometimes you will need more procedures. Perhaps your dentist has said you need to get your wisdom teeth removed and you are a little worried about the procedure.

It makes sense that you would be concerned. The truth is that wisdom teeth removal pacoima is a complex process that will require you to get some type of procedure. Your dentist will put you under local anesthesia and they are going to remove your wisdom teeth. It takes about an hour, give or take, and you have a few days of recovery.

The moment a dentist says you need to get teeth removed, people have a familiar response question. They ask whether it is going to hurt. It makes sense you would ask about the pain, as you do not want to be in excruciating pain at the dentist’s office.

The good news is that with a shot of local anesthesia, you are not going to feel any pain in the moment. You are entirely numb in that area. It is all about the pain you experience afterward, when your anesthesia wears off. It is so important you are ready for that pain.

wisdom teeth removal pacoima

You may need to get some painkillers over the counter before your dentist visit. Have them on your person or at home so they are ready to take when your pain begins. Ensure you have some food you can easily chew and swallow, as your teeth will be in some pain. This will help you get through the days after losing your wisdom teeth.